November 10th, 2013 | Clare Campbell


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Wildlife Protection Units are a proven effective protection model, implemented specifically to protect populations and habitat from illegal activities.

The Javan Gibbon GPU is the first such unit dedicated to the protection of gibbons as well as biodiversity in this region. This particular unit is a vital component of the reintroduction program, and was established ito coincide with the first release into the Mt Malabar site.

The team comprises of 5 staff, 2 Perhutani (local forestry) and 3 staff from the local community. The GPU has also set up camera traps to survey the area and has so far identified 9 species including Panthera pardus melas, Sus scrofa, Martes flavigula, Melogale orientalis, Mydaus javanensis, Paradoxurus hermaphroditus, Prionodon linsang, Viverricula indica, Hervestes javanicum, and Prionailurus bengalensis.

Other animals that the team have also observed are Macaca fascicularis, Presbytis comata, Trachypithecus auratus, Tupaia montana,Tupaia javanica and Ratufa bicolour.

The GPU also play an important role as a forest rangers and educators, encouraging the local community to take part in forest restoration activities. The team has provided more than 6,000 seeds of endemic trees and 12,000 seeds of coffee to be planted gradually by the local community. They have also made suggestions about improved farming techniques that will minimise impact on surrounding forests and wildlife. The personal approach to local farmers and organizations has been effective in engaging people with the gibbon conservation program.

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