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January 30th, 2010 | Shane Hoare

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SGP believes strongly in the importance of building local capacity and engaging communities in conservation efforts. We approach this at various levels; delivering conservation programs to school children, providing information and support to communities and facilitating training and development opportunities for staff.

The Javan Gibbon Centre Mobile Conservation Education Unit (MCEU) has been operational since January 2003, visiting schools located near Javan gibbon habitats.

The overarching goal of this program is to raise public awareness concerning the threats facing Javan gibbons and their habitat.

The name of the MCEU is “Moli & Telsi”. The names Moli and Telsi were chosen as the program “flagship” for conducting the mobile conservation and education program. For children, the unit uses “Moli” the Javan gibbon and “Telsi” the Javan hawk-eagle as characters to deliver the program’s message. The name Moli is adopted from the critically endangered primate species, the Javan gibbon. While Telsi is taken from the critically endangered species, Javan hawk eagle (Spizetius bartelsi). The Javan hawk eagle is also the mythical bird which is used as the nation’s symbol “Garuda Pancasila”.

With the rationale to acknowledge these two endangered species as well as to create a name that is easily recognized and remembered by children and common peoples, the name “Moli and Telsi” was chosen and depicted through humorous, cartoon and friendly characters.

The MCEU program consists of;

  1. Forest interpretation,
  2. Film showing about flora and faunas,
  3. Small mobile library,
  4. Discussion and interactive quiz on environmental issues,
  5. Conservation and education interactive games,
  6. Leaflets or booklets, and
  7. Conservation music.

The MCEU also works in collaboration with the Gibbon Protection Unit to engage with local communites and deliver conservation messages to adults as well as children. Focusing on areas that border the reintroduction site, the teams regularly meet with local farmers and several local organisations as well as school and university groups. These activities are important for ongoing efforts to raise public awareness of the importanace of preserving nature.

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