April 14

Posted by: Clare Campbell

How many things do you spend money on that you could honestly live without once in a while?

September 2016 is GWFG Month. What will you go without?

Due to habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade, at least one gibbon species is likely to become extinct in the next 10 years.

You can do something about it!

It’s simple, go without a simple luxury for the month of September, sign up to My Cause, get your friends and family to support you!

Funds are urgently required to rehabilitate and reintroduce ex-pet gibbons and to protect critical habitat  in Java, Sumatra & Borneo.

Tell us what you’ve gone without.


Cup of Coffee $5 One gibbon’s food for a day
Magazine $15 Keepers wages for a day
Lunch Out $30 One gibbon’s food for a week
Massage/Facial $200 Veterinary treatments for malnourished gibbon
Wear that dress twice! $500 Confiscation of a pet gibbon
Fly economy instead of business $1000 A new large enclosure for a gibbon pair

A little bit of money can go a long way in Indonesia.

You can make a difference by foregoing a luxury you can live without for the month of June and donate instead to the Silvery Gibbon Project!

Here’s how…

  • Sign up to My Cause and get your friends and family to support your sacrifice!
  • Download the Sponsorship Form 2016 and start getting your pledges.
  • Download the Tally Form 2016 to keep a record of how much you’ve saved.
  • Cash/Cheque/Credit Card Donations can be made directly to SGP Volunteers or posted to: Silvery Gibbon Project
    PO Box  335
    Como, WA 6952
  • Direct deposit to:Acct name: Silvery Gibbon Project BSB   016-267 Acct # 4985-83767

Please email silverygibbon@live.com.au and provide us with your details for a tax deductible receipt. We’d love to hear what you’ve gone without!

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