We are very excited to announce that 2015 has officially been declared Year of the Gibbon!

Year of the Gibbon is an IUCN SSC initiative focusing awareness for gibbon conservation efforts. Intended as a useful tool for conservationists, fundraisers, educators and governments, 2015 will be the year to sing it out loud: save the gibbon! YOTG sends a clear political message from the international community to combat the illegal trade and ongoing habitat destruction threatening the survival of the gibbons. We hope that this initiative will serve as a catalyst for high-level political support and commitment to protect the gibbons in the wild across all range states.

Stay tuned for SGP’s YOTG events throughout the year!

Annual Report now available

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The Annual Report presented by Clare at our Annual General Meeting of the 12th of October is now uploaded. You can download and view it as a PDF file here:

URGENT Funding Required for Kalaweit Land

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SGP is partnering with others to provide funds for the purchase of land in Sumatra. We are seeking  DONATIONS URGENTLY  to participate in this unique opportunity to assist the Kalaweit Association to secure land for the future.

See the funding proposal here

Gibbons Release!

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Javan gibbons Sadewa and Kiki were released at Mt Puntung, Malabar Mountain on 15th June. The release was funded by the Silvery Gibbon Project.  You can see photos on our facebook page and monitor their progress here.

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