Workplaces for Wildlife

April 21st, 2015 | Clare Campbell

Wildlife in Asia is reaching a crisis point. Due to habitat loss and poaching many species have their backs against the wall. Protection of forest is critical to life and the current rate of destruction cannot be sustained. We know it needs to stop and on a personal level most of us are prepared to start making those small changes. But will it be too little too late? Wildlife Asia’s new holistic approach will give the Australian private, philanthropist and business communities the opportunity to contribute to broad reaching support for wildlife in Asia. Already backed by some of the most effective conservation charities within Australia, Wildlife Asia presents the ideal opportunity for you to contribute to broad scale wildlife and habitat protection.

Can you sell chocolates or merchandise? Host a workplace fundraising event or adopt a gibbon amongst your team? How about a workplace giving scheme?

SGP and our partner Wildlife Asia, invites workplaces in the Perth region to host a morning tea at your workplace, where we can show you how we are actively protecting habitat and conserving wildlife, and how you can support us.

Some opportunities exist interstate, please contact us for details.

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